Worst. Mother’s. Day. Ever.

I’m back. Just to vent because I am still so upset I am literally shaking. Almost 24 hours later.

So two months ago I got a restraining order against crazy pants because she showed up at my work place. I had to prove I was scared, luckily I have all the text messgaes, Facebook messages and things she herself has posted online. My parents had one too, my mother didn’t want to but my father convinced her since crazy pants started harassing them for kidnapping. And tried to report them for child abuse (I’m the youngest, I’m 23). Her grounds were my being raised Catholic and Russian Orthodox, since she’s a born again Baptist. Ridiculous,  right?  Luckily nothing happened with that.

So my brother and I take my mother to a nice brunch, then a festival,  then dinner. It was at dinner things fell apart. I swore I had seen her behind us at the festival, but it’s a public place so I ignored it. It was after we got to dinner, and eating the main course that crazy pants sat herself down (I now hate tables that keep that fourth chair even when it’s a party of three….). My mother , ever the beacon of calm in our family, asked her nicely to leave and reminded her about the restraining order.

Crazy pants started talking about her rights, and she’s my mother, and my mom stole me off the delivery table (not true, I was in foster care for three months) and my mother kidnapped me, my father abused me, she loves me, blah blah. My brother called the police and I lured her outside by leaving in a huff, she predictably followed. When she saw the police, she slapped me full across the face. Bet your ass I had her arrested for assault. My face has a bruise on it. My mother’s  Mother’s Day was ruined and I was humiliated in front of a restaurant. So yeah. That was my mother’s day.

On First Mothers Forum, there is a post suggesting first mothers should have access to the amended birth certificate, so they can find their relinquished children easily. Imagine if crazy pants could have done that, and appeared in my life when I was eighteen, or younger! It would have been even more of a mess than it already has been. I was a normal teenager, I alternately loved and hated my parents based solely on what they were allowing me to do at any given moment. I couldn’t have dealt with that in any sane fashion.

I truly hate her. The police told me she’ll be charged with aggravated criminal contempt. I hope she goes to jail.

Worst. Mother’s. Day. Ever.

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