The truth comes out

Well I bit the bullet and met one of my bio sisters I’ll call Michelle.  She wasn’t kept by bio womb either.  She’s 18, perfectly lovely and was removed from the home for neglect when she was 5. The other sister,  I’ll call her Abigail,  lives with bio womb,  was removed and released back.  She’s currently on a PINS order and will probably be removed due to bio womb neglect, her own truancy and multiple shoplifting charges. Michelle stated she requested not to be placed back with crazy pants,  and after entreaties to judges and CPS, was left with her foster family.  Why,  you may ask?

*bio womb would leave her alone for days on end

*bio womb wouldn’t take her medication because she was “fine”

*bio womb harassed the foster families

And BTW Michelle has a restraining order.

I am so grateful I was given away at birth. If I told my mom about any of this, she’d be shocked, but probably not terribly.

Michelle wishes she had been cleared to be adopted. Because then bio womb wouldn’t have any claim on her. I told her it’s not that easy, she’s still thinking she has a claim on me.

I feel bad for bio womb, worse for Abigail. But I’m fine moving on. Although I will be seeing a psychiatrist in case she did pass her illness onto me.

The truth comes out

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